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Most men are concerned about the volume of semen they ejaculate. Dribbling just a few drops of semen on ejaculation can turn things quite embarrassing for you specially when you are with a woman. It is obvious most men look for ways to boost their semen production.

Semen pills or semen enhancers are quite popular and there are many reasons behind that. First of all, as the name suggests, semen enhancers can multiply your semen production so that you can enjoy massive ejaculations. However, best semen pills can do much more than that.

Such pills can also increase the force with which you ejaculate. This can make you experience intense and powerful orgasms. Not only this, such pills can also help increase blood flow to the penis ensure rock solid erections. Over and above, they can also help enhance your libido or sex drive. This is one of the most positive effects of such pills. Increased sex drive can add some spice to your sex life.

How do Semen Pills Work?

Such pills are formulated with some of the finest male enhancement herbs and other natural ingredients. The best semen pills are rich in zinc. Best semen enhancement pills contain up to 150mg of zinc gluconate and zinc asparate per serving. Though there are many semen enhancers that boast of containing zinc, they include a very little quantity.

Zinc is the most important mineral as far as your semen production is concerned. You can understand the importance of zinc by the fact that almost 70% of all zinc in your body is contained in your semen. You lose it with every ejaculation and therefore it becomes all the more important to replenish it. It is also extremely important for the production of male sex hormone testosterone.

Other ingredients in such high quality volume enhancers include l-arginine, l-glycine, dong quai, maca, muira pauma, pomegranate 70% ellagen, creatine monohydrate, nettle leaf powder, mucuna pruriens etc.

L-arginine and pomegranate 70% ellagen help increase nitric oxide secretion which acts as a catalyst in increasing blood flow to the erectile tissue helping you attain erections as hard as a steel pipe. In fact, The Sun has dubbed pomegranate 70% ellagen as the Nature’s Natural Viagra.

Such a powerful blend of ingredients can make you multiply your ejaculate volume by up to 5 times within a few months. It is highly recommended that you have such a semen enhancer for at least 6 months in order to get the best results.

Importance of PC Exercises

PC muscle is the muscle that controls the flow of both urine and semen. You can make it stronger by practicing KEGELS. A stronger PC muscle not only helps you last longer during intercourse but also gives a major thrust to the force with which you spurt out semen. This enhances pleasure on ejaculation.


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