Monday, February 24, 2020

End Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

End Premature Ejaculation With This One Powerful Trick Which Will Allow You To Have Longer Sex

This is a little known trick that works excellent to end premature ejaculation. It might seem hard to believe, but if you follow this advice you can definitely end premature ejaculation.

CAUSE of premature ejaculation: Let’s identify the cause so that the solution will make sense. Much of the cause of ejaculating too quickly comes from mental factors. Sex is something that we all get worked up over. First there is the whole challenge of trying to have sex (meeting someone, dating, etc.). Then we get worked up and nervous about trying to make it right, hoping to perform right and so forth. Then we have the actual act where we physically get all wound up and over excited in our heads. And then, boom! Quick ejaculation comes.

All this excitement and getting worked up over sex is the perfect storm for ejaculating too quickly.

SOLUTION: Alright, here’s the solution. Obviously we need to find a way to not get so worked up and over excited so we won’t erupt so abruptly. We do this by – not thinking of ourselves. Hang in there, let me explain why this WILL WORK WONDERS for having longer sex. Master this and you will master your ejaculation control.

Don’t think about yourself. Think about the woman. Think about how pleased she is going to be having sex with you. How great her orgasm will be. Don’t make sex about you, make sex be about her.

By removing yourself from the equation, you do something extremely significant – you turn yourself into a machine. And a machine doesn’t quit, does it? It keeps going and going. When you take on this machine mentality, then you will keep going and going and going. You will not erupt too quickly because that’s not what a machine does.

Seriously, this simple change in thinking will have you lasting longer in bed like you won’t believe. Become the machine and you will become the man.

This one is priceless. It works so well and it works right away. And lasting 10 whole minutes for most guys is usually unheard of, so you will definitely please your lady beyond belief. They also have other methods to end premature ejaculation permanently but this 10 minute method is the best for quick results

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