Premature Ejaculation – Help is Here

Premature Ejaculation

With a little help, premature ejaculation can be overcome. You don’t need surgery, or drugs, or desensitizing cream that smells like chemicals and makes you feel even more embarrassed and miserable during sex.

Premature ejaculation has both physical and mental causes. Understanding both aspects of premature ejaculation helps a lot in learning how to rid oneself of it. Trying to cure your premature ejaculation by working on just one or the other means you will be dealing with just half the picture. That can lead to mixed results and a lot of frustration, which can cause you to just give up all together.

Help for Premature Ejaculation: Mind

The mind is truly a very powerful force. It influences every aspect of our bodies, whether consciously or unconsciously (as in, the autonomic nervous system…) The fact is, when we choose to use our mind to influence our body, in processes that otherwise are handled automatically behind the scenes, we can introduce new responses, form new habits, and get improved results. That includes controlling the ejaculation reflex, which helps premature ejaculation.

  • Visualization: Visualize yourself lasting as long as you want during sex. Imagine being able to perform the act without feeling the need to ejaculate.
  • Attitude of Gratitude: Do not think of sex with your partner as an opportunity to “get your rocks off”. Let’s be honest – you can masturbate to porn if that is all you are interested in. Instead, think about nothing during sex except pleasing your partner. Trust me, if you do that, not only will you last longer, but your partner will be happy to please you back, over and over again.

Help for Premature Ejaculation: Body

As powerful as the mind is, ejaculation is a physical process, and the condition of your body, and the organs involved in ejaculation, play a major role in premature ejaculation []. If your prostate and PC muscles (pubococcygeus) are weak, then your ability to control ejaculation will also be weak. Other factors, such as healthy diet and plenty of water, also influence a guy’s sexual health.

  • Exercise your Ejaculation Muscle: The PC muscles control ejaculation, as well as the flow of urine. You can make these muscles stronger by stopping the flow of urine for a few seconds, then starting again. Repeat that a few times until you finish peeing. Do this a couple of times a day, and increase as the muscles begin to get stronger.
  • Prostate Health: Make sure your prostate is in good shape. This organ is one of the main sex organs involved in ejaculation, and many guys don’t even know this, or pay little attention to it. Make sure yours is healthy by getting a good men’s vitamin supplement with zinc, saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds, and b-complex (or some combo of these.)
  • Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water is crucial to many things, including healthy ejaculation. It contributes to semen volume, and helps to keep the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract clean and healthy, all very helpful for premature ejaculation.

If you are sick and tired of premature ejaculation, and want to finally get rid of this embarrassing problem without using weird drugs, or funky smelling creams or sprays, then you’re in luck. A lot of guys think that premature ejaculation is some kind of huge, insurmountable issue that they just have to live with.

The fact is, it’s only as huge as we make it, because most of the problem is mental. In other words, premature ejaculation is exactly as difficult as we think it is – or is not. Sometimes, when we are trying to cure ourselves of premature ejaculation, we think about it way too much in the process, and that just makes it worse instead of better.

Not to blow smoke here. As they say, with anything in life worth having, you have to be willing to work for it. Curing your premature ejaculation absolutely can be done, realistically, no matter how hard you find that to believe. BUT, it will take a little bit of discipline, maybe some changes in habits (both mental and physical) along with some practice. The key is to take it seriously, and stick with it.